High precision real-time
positioning for all aspects
of industrial logistics in:

  • production logistics
  • warehousing
  • inventory lifecycle
having the right item in the right quantity
at the right time at the right place

Mallik, Susan (2010)
The Handbook of Technology Management


Pozi addresses the most important bottleneck of industrial production efficiency: logistics.

It identifies and accurately tracks the position and movement of objects in any type of indoor or outdoor environment, in real time, with utmost precision.

  • automatic item identification
  • real time track-and-tracing
  • online route analysis and guidance
  • object lifecycle tracking
  • automated alerts


Versatile technology platforms


Pozi utilizes all currently available identification and positioning technologies to perfectly match every production environment.

We are also actively researching the next generation of platforms, committed to keeping our leading position in the industry.

Positioning algorithms

Superlateration positioning

Pozi’s patented algorithm provides accurate location with 75% less measurement actions than traditional trialteration. This allows:

  • more frequent positioning
  • more traceable units in one infrastructure
    (104 range vs. 102 range)
  • better battery life on tracking devices

Unified track-and-tracing infrastructure

CoT (Connection of Things) backbone

Our extendable multipurpose backbone infrastructure can accumulate all available identification and positioning technologies and platforms. As a result the RTLS system can be extended infinitely both in size and in terms of available technologies.

Display, reporting and interfaces

The output of Pozi is provided through various channels and platforms that match the type, place and purpose of its utilization:

  • intelligent PMS and OMS connections
  • mobile applications
  • adaptive reporting algorithms
  • web-based user interface

Pozi increases the efficiency of production and warehousing targeting several aspects of logistics simultaneously:

  • lower costs
  • shorter production cycle
  • improved asset utilization


  • real-time process management allows precise planning
  • instant flow examination allows faster reaction
  • thorough process analytics detects lean waste
  • online asset management contributes to maximum space usage
  • precise item-lifecycle tracking improves quality assurance


An Enthusiastic
Development Team

  • 30 engineers
  • 12 disciplines
  • 47 scientific degrees

dr. László Györgypál CEO

Lawyer, entrepreneur, product launcher, technology ecosystem expert and market positioning professional

Károly Lendvai CTO

Engineer, technology researcher, development director and guru of all gadgety matters